AirGenius Permanent Filtration

No Replacement Filters Required

AirGenius is equipped with a foam pre-filter and a patented ifD® filter, neither of which need to be replaced.

These filters are designed so that they can be cleaned by washing in the sink only 4 times a year, saving you time and money.

It is recommended that filters are cleaned about every 3 months. When you think your filter may be dirty or when your product's filter check reminder lights up, unplug your unit and remove the rear grille to access the filters.

Both the foam pre-filter and the ifD filter can be cleaned by rinsing under a faucet. If needed, the ifD filter can also be gently cleaned with mild detergent and water. When done, rinse the filter and allow it to dry completely.

Place the clean, dry filters back inside the unit. Snap the rear grille back into place and you're done! Don't forget to reset the filter status by holding down the "OK" button until the light goes off (about 5 seconds).

Did you know?

Odour Reducing Air Purifier Filter
In addition to a permanent, washable pre-filter, your AirGenius comes packed with an optional odour-reducing pre-filter that you can replace. It helps reduce odours, gases and volatile organic compounds.1 It is optional, but once you try it, we're sure you'll like it.

Washable Air Filters

Air Purifier Filters
1 from the air that passes through the filter. The ifD® Trademark is used by Kaz USA, Inc. under license from Darwin Technology International LTD.